Cordophony (Philippe Petit)

01. Gli occhi freddi della vendetta
02. Eugenia
03. Eunoïa
04. Many-minds in Many-worlds
05. A land of both substance and shadow *
06. Succumb to gravity
07. Crépuscule
08. Merlin's music box
09. Motion-pictured
10. The sunflower who does not like to turn to the sun
11. The modern dance for the advanced in age
12. A lullaby
13. Oneiromancy: a dream with a view

Philippe Petit (processed acoustics, field recordings, foundsounds, electronics, turntables & glass manipulations, percussions, synths/piano, balloons)

Guest musicians:
Nils Frahm (piano)
Adrian Kumples (grand piano)
Rob Ellis (violin, cello)
Reinhold Friedl (prepared piano)
Manuel Zurria (flutes, gongs)
Alison Chesley (cello)
Aidan Baker (guitar)
James Johnston (organ, guitar, harmonica)
Bela Emerson (cello)
Richard Harrison (tibetan bowls)
Maria Grigoryeva (violin)
Hervé Vincenti (guitar)
Els Vanderweyer (vibraphone)
Raphaelle Rinaudo (electric harp)
Perceval Bellone (saxophone, clarinet, tibetan bowls)
Ulrike Haage (piano)
Ahmad Compaoré (drums) *
Alexander Bruck (viola)

Nicolas Dick - Studio KTT

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