Double Quartet Serie #1 (Hifiklub)


This adventurous project brings together in the same room, at the same time, to improvise and to react to the original main themes written for the occasion, the experimental French rock quartet Hifiklub and art punk desert blues rockers Fatso Jetson (+ Gary Arce from Yawning Man), from deep Southern California. The concept is a throwback to the "Quartet vs Quartet" album, the brainchild of Ornette Coleman.

01. Tenderloin Vignette
02. Un Gribouillis de la Beauté
03. Glorious Whores
04. Black without White
05. Safe in Pieces
06. À la fin je l'espère calme
07. The Rocky Road to Holiness

Quartet 1 - Hifiklub (left channel):
Ahmad Compaoré (drums)
Régis Laugier (bass, vocals)
Arnaud Maguet (synthesizer, effects)
Nico Morcillo (guitar)

Quartet 2 - Fatso Jetson featuring Gary Arce (right channel):
Gary Arce (guitar, Rhodes)
Dino Lalli (guitar)
Mario Lalli (bass, vocals, guitar, Rhodes)
Tony Tornay (drums)

Coxinhell Studio (Saint-Aygulf)

Sound engineer:
Sébastien Gros assisted by Anthony Belguise

Mixing and mastering:
Alain Johannes - 11AD Studio (Los Angeles)

CD + LP / SSR049
© 2016 - Subsound Records (Roma)