LUCKY PETERSON @ All that Jazz (22/11/2017) 21:00

Blues concert as part fo the "All that Jazz" tour.

Real name Judge Kenneth Peterson, Lucky Peterson was born in December 1964 in Buffalo in the state of New-York. His first musical memories date back to his youngest age as his father, James Peterson, owned the Governor's Inn, a renowned blues and jazz club that attracted all the local artists and those passing through town. Consequently, the budding musician lives with music at a very early age and quickly learns the essence of blues and all its secrets, starting with its fundamental message, the transcendence of everyday life marked by the scansion of words and those haunting melodies with hypnotic rhythms... Happy in his element in this creativity haven, Lucky Peterson has never hidden his status of very fortunate child prodigy. He has always accepted it and he sings it incidentally in this majestic piece that gives its name to his album "The Son of a Bluesman". His powerful and expressive voice, his guitar and Hammond organ playing are saturated with a catching swing. He is back on the All that Jazz tour for a tribute to the classics of Jimmy Smith.

Lucky Peterson: Hammond organ, vocals
Kelyn Crapp: guitar
Nicolas Folmer: trumpet
Ahmad Compaoré: drums

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