Musique Rebelle - Round 10


Cabaret Aléatoire, Marseilles - 18th June 2011

A proposal by La Boîte à Musique and Cabaret Aléatoire with the support of Friche la Belle de Mai, SelfWorld, Radio Grenouille and Digitick.

50 artists under the direction of drummer and composer Ahmad Compaoré for a multidisciplinary event dedicated to collective creation beyond styles and genres...

Musique Rebelle will celebrate its 10th edition in style with a tribute to womankind, symbol of evolution and hope for humanity. Man must set himself up as an instrument of progress for woman, her freedom, her equality: images, words and bodies enhanced...

Special guest: Famoudou Don Moyé
Ahmad Compaoré (drums, artistic direction), Stéphane Mondésir (keyboards, programming), Sylvain Terminiello (electric bass, double bass), Fred Pichot (saxophone, flute), Wim Welker (guitar), Ariane Murcia (clarinet, saxophone), Julien Bayle aka protofuse (laptop), the room // Sophie Gonthier & Jean-Marc Montera (guitars/voice duo), Oncle Bo (DJ set), Hélène Niddam (keyboards), Sylvie Paz (voice), Mohamed Kably (oud), Jose Fernandez (cajón), Adila Carles (voice), Jane (voice), Jacqueline Fortes (voice), Alexandra Do Nascimento & Malaguetas Groove (percussion), ACWL (pop rock), AimbAss (poetry), Marianne Suner and Tania Zolty (Chants de la Mer Noire), Sarah Moha (flamenco dance), Matt Satsat (Metro=)bidule workshop), Caroline Sury (drawings), Fanny Bee (photographs), Rita Citoyenne (fashion & design), Farah Paupière (live video), Gaël Cobert (video, digital processing), Ivan Chabanaud (live streaming), La Phalène (lighting design)...


FOCUS // JUNE 2011: interview of Ahmad Compaoré in Mécènes du Sud.