Musique Rebelle - Round 11


Cabaret Aléatoire, Marseilles - 3rd December 2011

A proposal by La Boîte à Musique and Cabaret Aléatoire with the support of Friche la Belle de Mai, SelfWorld, Radio Grenouille et Digitick.

30 musicians and artists under the direction of drummer Ahmad Compaoré for a multidisciplinary event dedicated to collective creation beyond styles and genres...

« Vitality and a call to the senses, "Rebel Music - Round 11" follows its path breaking away from conventions and constraints for an ode to Fusion. Link between diversity and creation, the repertoire brings into play the gift of several artists-composers and the daring interpretation of a collective crazy with imagination. This musical collaboration, at the crossroads of « soul-jazz-electro-oriental » influences, is a true hymn to dance, exaltation and unwinding. »

Jimmy Braun - Musician and journalist

Ahmad Compaoré (drums, artistic direction), Sylvain Terminiello (electric bass, double bass), Fred Pichot (saxophones, flute), Stéphane Mondésir (keys, programming), Jeff Kellner (guitar), Wim Welker (guitar), Fabien Genais (saxophone), Laure Bonomo (violin), Fabien Ottones (keys), Léo Mérie (saxophone), Jimmy Braun (percussion), Tangi Capitaine (guitar), Mathias Mopty (drums), Miss Paillette (accordion), M'henni Benlala (guembri), Jagdish Kinnoo (voice), Jahby (voice), Tania Zolty (voice), Jane (voice), Aïssa Mallouk (spoken word), Lyrical_p (voice), Mister Fever (DJ set), mrju aka brownsound (DJ set), Benjamin Turc / Cie BooKoBSa (installation and shadow performance), Olivier Lubeck (Super 8 installation), Henri Fiore (creations and collages), Michel Brack (photographs), Samuel Bester (live video), Gaël Cobert (live streaming)...