Musique Rebelle - Round 2013


Cabaret Aléatoire, Marseilles - 18th May 2013

A proposal by La Boîte à Musique and Cabaret Aléatoire as part of the event "This is (not) Music", in coproduction with Marseille-Provence 2013 and Système Friche Théâtre.

60 musicians and artists under the direction of drummer Ahmad Compaoré for a multidisciplinary event dedicated to collective creation beyond styles and genres (music, dance, video, urban cultures).

« Music is the most physically inspiring of all the arts. We play the new free music, music as the absolutely free, unencumbered by [...] cultural suppression. » Frank Zappa

For its 13th edition in this year European Capital of Culture, Musique Rebelle takes place as part of This is (not) Music, event initiated by Cabaret Aléatoire. A militant loudspeaker for the rhythms of the city, Musique Rebelle still remains this collective laboratory where musicians, dancers, multimedia or VJ artists gather. In the aftermath of the Arab revolutions, the Round 2013 will celebrate the new sounds from the Mediterranean - jazz, hip hop and Chaabi - with some tasty incursions in Egypt, Africa and the Maghreb.

Special guests: Cheikh Zein Mahmoud (voice), Abdoulaye Kouyaté (guitar, kora), Iraka (voice).
With: Ahmad Compaoré (drums), Fabien Ottones (keyboard, programming), Wim Welker (guitar), Sylvain Terminiello (bass), Fred Pichot (saxophone, flute), Fabien Genais (saxophone), Tavalan Barry (Fula flute, percussion), Fred Buram (saxophones), Romain Morello (trombone), Laure Bonomo (violin), Katell Boisneau (Celtic harp), L'Ensemble Oriental de Marseille (Smahane: voice / Rojho: percussion / Amar: violin / Kably: oud), Mulêketú (samba-reggae), Waaterproof (Phono Mundial / DJ set), Myriam "L'Amazone" Lamare (boxing), Marine Cheravola (OXYPUTcompagnie / fusion dance), Virginia Ghanem (oriental dance), All Styles Crew (hip hop dance), Julien Bagout (figurative painting), Rita Citoyenne (vintage clothing & fashion nuggets), Sandrine Hennequin (stained glass artwork), Samuel Bester (VJ), Olivier Lubeck (Super 8 installation), Ivan Chabanaud (live streaming), Cédric Cailliau (costume design)...
Surprise guests: Sidney (voice), Baye Moussa Keita (voice), Arcenio De Almeida (voice), Hassan Boukerrou (percussion), Bencha (percussion).