Oriental Fusion

This album is conducted by an interesting, eclectic threesome: Hakim Hamadouche on vocals and mandolute, Ahmad Compaoré on drums and Edmond Hosdikian on saxophone. Three musicians, three instruments and three influences. Surrounded by Tom Cora, Barre Phillips, Guillaume Orti and Fred Giuliani, these three comrades deconstructed all the cliché of (commercial) world music and centered their efforts on energy, improvisation, and experimentation. It is not jazz, traditional, nor world - it is just there, as good and warm as the Mediterranean sun.

01. Alexandrie 1954
02. Babord
03. Afghan
04. Ahmad Song
05. Nassim
06. Errance
07. Fel' Canebière
08. Kamantcha
09. Marseille Shout

Hakim Hamadouche (voice, mandolute)
Ahmad Compaoré (drums, percussion)
Edmond Hosdikian (sax, larsenophone)

Guest musicians:
Tom Cora (cello)
Barre Phillips (double bass)
Guillaume Orti (saxophone)
Fred Giuliani (sampler)

Recording and mixing:
Christian Noël - Studio Cactus (Marseilles)

Thierry Balasse - Studio Inouïe (Alfortville)

CD / TE 025
© 2000 - Buda Musique / Transes Européennes (France)