AHMAD COMPAORÉ SOLO (02/02/2013) 20:30

Evening dedicated to the 2nd anniversary of the Egyptian Revolution.

Between tradition and modernity, Ahmad Compaoré proposes a musical journey on the border between the East and the West. The festive tempo of the percussion instruments evokes all the emotion of an ancestral music indulging in "joie de vivre" and trance. Enlivened with today's sounds (electro-Chaabi, hip hop or techno), the playing of drums recalls urban rhythms to reflect the aspirations of a new generation longing for freedom.

Ahmad Compaoré: drums, percussion, sampler

On the occasion of this evening, Nour d'Egypte will propose a screening of photographs on the "Papyrus Revolution".

On the premises: hot and cold drinks (selection of tea, infusions, date milk, fresh fruit juice) and light catering (Egyptian pastry, seasonal desserts).

FEE: 5€ / 7€

Tel: +33 (0)9 80 63 06 56

More info: here

Nour d'Egypte, 10 rue Bernex, 13001 Marseilles.