La Boîte à Musique (The Music Box) is a voluntary association created in March 1999 with the aim of promoting actions of awareness to music and beyond, the spreading of these actions. It is located at the Friche la Belle de Mai in Marseilles since 2004.

For over 20 years, Marseilles-based drummer and composer Ahmad Compaoré - artistic director of La Boîte à Musique - has been striving to enrich the local musical heritage, increase encounters and cross experiences by setting up projects with musicians from various backgrounds and of international scope. The wish to promote Marseilles and to highlight its richness is fulfilled through professional artists invited to work there as part of residencies of creation and enables those who live there to discover the specificities which fuel creativity.

Besides, thanks to the musical practice workshops started in 1996, La Boîte à Musique aims to awaken among children the wish to discover music, learn and carry out projects while stimulating their imagination and developing their personality. This approach led to the formation of the "Musique Rebelle Junior" collective, gathering the most efficient pupils to participate in end-of-year shows and other artistic events.

• Music awareness and learning for children through musical awakening
• Training and practice of various musical disciplines open to all
• Creation, production, promotion, distribution and publishing of musical productions

• Musical practice workshops given at the Friche la Belle de Mai and in several schools and community centers of the region (Marseilles, Aix, Avignon, Aubagne).
• Drum and contemporary percussion classes (private or group) provided by Ahmad Compaoré and Vincent De Block: how to go beyond sheer technique to give an interpretation.
• Live promotion: "Musique Rebelle" festival, party-concerts, public rehearsals, end-of-year shows with the workshops participants.
• Artist career development, booking and concert production.
• Hosting of artists in residence and supply of technical facilities.

Please visit La Boîte à Musique on Le PAM, Cooperation centre of Music industry Actors in the South Region and Corsica.