HAKIM HAMADOUCHE TRIO (30/03/2017) 20:30

Chaabi & improvisation concert.

Created in 1995 in Marseilles under the name ORIENTAL FUSION, the trio was born of the will to gather energetic and spontaneous individualities around their oriental roots: Algeria, Egypt and Armenia. Three traditions, three exiles, three sensibilities which hold a musical dialogue led by Hakim Hamadouche's Arab-Andalusian singing to conceive a glowing music between free jazz, punk rock and Chaabi (Algerian blues), with great detours in improvisation. The coming together of these three cultures - at the crossroads of jazz, contemporary and ethnic music - led in 2000 to the album "Oriental Fusion" (Transes Européennes label) with artist featuring by Tom Cora and Barre Phillips, among others. Striking and powerful!

Born in Algeria, raised in Marseilles, Hakim Hamadouche is best known for being the mandolute player of French-Algerian raï singer Rachid Taha with whom he collaborates since 1991. His playing and raucous singing recall the beautiful melodies of Northern Africa and its oriental rhythms. In 1995, he created the band Oriental Fusion with Ahmad Compaoré and Edmond Hosdikian. His various collaborations - in the field of jazz, rock and world music - include Lili Boniche, Patti Smith, Bill Laswell, Catherine Ringer, Brian Eno, Tricky and Les Têtes Raides.

Hakim Hamadouche: mandolute, voice
Ahmad Compaoré: drums, percussion
Ed Hosdikian: saxophone

Website: www.musiquerebelle.com/hakim-hamadouche-trio

FEE: 12€ (normal) / 10€ (reduced) excluding facility costs

Tel: +33 (0)6 16 10 62 77 / +33 (0)6 76 29 38 95

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Café Théâtre de la Porte d'Italie, Place Armand Valle, 83000 Toulon.