PAS DE QUARTIER ! @ Musicales Actuelles (21/06/2013) 21:30

Performance as part of the "Musicales Actuelles" festival.

A coproduction by Le Vivier, Planète Emergences and Marseille-Provence 2013.

The Northern districts of Marseilles are a formidable breeding-ground for cultural diversity, professional know-how and socio-cultural projects. The aim of the festival is to highlight these areas of Marseilles, break the barriers and reconnect them with the rest of the city and the world. In this way, the "Musicales Actuelles" festival is a spotlight (to enhance) as much as a megaphone (to broadcast) the stories of its inhabitants.

In a neighbourhood where life has come to a halt, a group of lonely children invents a day to experiment change, to repaint the inner city, to create an orchestra: the Orchestra of the Dazzled, until they recapture their interrupted life, ending with a great festive lunch... Deeply rooted in something concrete and the vitality of neighbourhood life, the tale opens the way to all possible things at the heart of reality, in a neighbourhood where children all too often can't imagine a life outside the local community. « It occurred that Naïma was awaken one morning by the crash of silence: an extraordinary crash, the crash of a deafening silence, a silence of stone, a silence to make you angry. A silence all white... »

Marianne Suner: direction, composition
Eléonore Bovon: writing, composition
Tania Zolty: vocal coach
Pascal Delalée: violin
Nadine Amrani: double bass
Ahmad Compaoré: percussion
Roméo Bigué: percussion
Mélusine Thiry: video
Paco Alfonsin: stage layout
With the Troupe Chantante du Vivier and the 5th grade pupils from the Elementary School Busserine.

FEE: free admission upon reservation

Tel: +33 (0)4 91 03 85 42

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Parc du Grand Séminaire, Bastide Saint-Joseph, 72 rue Paul Coxe, 13014 Marseilles.