YELLEL - HAMID BEN MAHI (21/05/2022) 18:00

Hip-hop dance performance by Cie Hors-Série.

Mesmerizing and full of energy, "Yellel" is a joyous tribute to the multiple identities. Hamid Ben Mahi takes us with him on a journey to discover his family origins. The long haul begins in Yellel in Algeria, the village of his father's birth... Performing to blazing rhythms led in particular by Hakim Hamadouche and his mandolute, the six dancers give us a choreography at the crossroad of Oriental dance and urban dancing, made up of whirling, elation, ritual, brotherhood and resistance. What if we had more common traits with our neighbours than with our ancestors?

Choreography: Hamid Ben Mahi
Musical direction and arrangements: Manuel Wandji
Dancers: Hamid Ben Mahi, Aïda Boudrigua, Matthieu Corosine, Elsa Mourineaux, Arthur Pedros, Omar Remichi.
Musicians: Manuel Wandji (composition), Hakim Hamadouche (mandolute), Ahmad Compaoré (drums, percussion).

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Théâtre de Fos, Avenue René Cassin, 13270 Fos-sur-Mer.